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Confident Handling Of Real Estate And Business Transactions

In today’s turbulent marketplace and contracted financial environment, all real estate transactions require, more than ever, sound, practical and sophisticated legal advice. We pride ourselves on counseling our clients so that they can achieve their business objectives without exposing themselves to unnecessary or avoidable external risks and liabilities.

At Sekas Law Group, LLC, we approach real estate cases with a team mindset. By working closely with all parties involved, which can include the property developer or development company, manager of the real estate property, architect or engineer, we pursue the most cost-effective and efficient outcome that favors our clients. Our attorneys’ expertise extends beyond securing zoning permits and includes extensive litigation experience through trial and appeal.

In addition, we handle transactional matters, including real estate closings for both residential and commercial real estate and commercial and residential leases. Our attorneys have experience working on transactions from the negotiation phase through the closing of the deal and instills the highest degree of client confidence and trust. We represent purchasers, sellers and lenders in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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To learn more about your options for addressing or resolving a legal issue in the area of real estate or business law, talk to a member of our firm today. Call us at 201-816-1333 or contact us online.