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Fighting For The Rights Of Those Injured In Trucking Accidents

A passenger car coming face-to-face with a large commercial truck or any other vehicle during an accident often has a devastating result. We diligently pursue the heavy burden a truck accident leaves the victim with, and we fight to prove the negligence of the truck driver. In order to prove that negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company resulted in the injuries, we must provide evidence of the negligence and the breach of the duty of due care that is expected to be upheld by drivers. During the course of presenting the case, we must also demonstrate that the breach was likely to cause injury.

As the defendant, if the negligence of the trucking company itself or the driver of the truck is proven, then it is possible for the injured party and/or surviving family members to pursue compensation for the past, present and future losses they have sustained. This can include medical bills, lost wages, physical disability or impairment, damage to property, and pain and suffering.

It also may be possible to pursue punitive damages, which are designed to punish the negligent party, if it can be shown that egregious conduct on the part of the defendant led to the crash. Serious, willfully negligent conduct can include drug use or alcohol abuse. Our experienced attorneys have represented injured individuals in hundreds of truck accidents, often utilizing accident reconstruction experts to recreate the negligence and severity of careless truck drivers with the use of technological and digital images.

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