While we all love and care about our pets, many owners often forget that their dogs, and other pets, are still animals that have the capability of inflicting serious and severe injury. While each situation is unique, under New Jersey law states that the owner of the animal is legally responsible for the harm their dog causes another person. This means that, even if the dog’s owner took reasonable precautions to protect against a dog bite, or other sort of attack from a dog, that they are liable for any injury that results. Although regardless of whether the animal has a history of violent behalf, if the dog has a violent history, an injured party may even be able to recover punitive damages, which are damages designed to punish the dog owner, in the event of a favorable outcome at the time of trial. Although dog bite cases typically find the dog owner strictly liable, the victim needs to have been on public property or legally on private property, or in other words, does not protect a person who was unlawfully on the property (trespasser, bugler, i.e.) if they are injured by the animal in question.  The attorneys at our firm are dedicated to recovering deserved compensation for our clients and the victims of dog bites cases.

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