In today’s turbulent market place and contracted financial environment, all real estate transactions require, more than ever, sound, practical and sophisticated legal advice. We pride ourselves on counseling our clients so that they can achieve their business objectives without exposing themselves to unnecessary or avoidable external risks and liabilities.

Our practice focuses on a team effort, involving the developer, real estate manager, project engineer, architect, and other design and planning professionals, to secure the most favorable client-outcome.  Our attorneys’ expertise extends beyond securing zoning permits and includes extensive litigation experience through trial and appeal.

In addition, the Sekas Law Group handles transactional matters including real estate closings for both residential and commercial real estate and commercial and residential leases.  Our attorneys have experience working on transactions from the negotiation phase through the closing of the deal and instills the highest degree of client confidence and trust. We represent purchasers, sellers and lenders in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Nicholas G. Sekas is also a director and serves as a counsel to Mariner’s Bank.


  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

  • Bank Review and Closings

  • Sale of Business

  • Zoning and Land Use

  • Draft Shareholder, Partner & Operating Agreements

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Review of Contracts and Agreements

  • Preparation Operating Agreements

  • Restaurant/Liquor Agreements

  • Condominium & Cooperative Transactions

  • Environmental Compliance/Brownfields Development

  • Leasing - Commercial, Industrial, Office, Retail

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Planned Real Estate and Community Associations

  • Redevelopment, Zoning and Land Use

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