Commercial Litigation

The Sekas Law Group represents large and small businesses and individuals, including real estate developers, major corporations, non-profit organizations, investment funds, construction companies, restaurants, and other local and national businesses, in connection with complex commercial litigation prosecution and defense.  Our attorneys have appeared in federal and state courts in both New Jersey and New York for commercial litigation matters and have been called upon at all stages of a case from prior to the commencement of suit through trial.   In addition, we frequently arbitrate and mediate as alternatives to litigation and we also counsel our clients on how to avoid litigation.

We offer an outstanding team of knowledgeable, aggressive, and passionate trial attorneys with excellent writing and research skills.  The Sekas Law Group’s broad array of experience with both plaintiff and defense work provides our attorneys with unique insights into our opponents’ strategies, arming us with an indispensable advantage in negotiations and litigation.  We have vast experience in identifying, seeking and obtaining the necessary and proper legal and equitable relief and remedies required by our clients, including temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, declaratory judgments, specific performance, and monetary damages.

At the Sekas Law Group, we understand that for many businesses finding a solution can be meaningless without considering the cost of the solution.  We take pride in developing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients.  Regardless of the size of the client or the type of matter, we pledge the same commitment: to represent our clients’ interests aggressively while working together to find the best solution.

Commercial / Business Litigation

We meticulously represent and guide clients in shareholder, partner and member disputes, contract disputes, claims of unfair competition and tortious interference, claims of state and federal statutory violations, such as trademark and copyright infringement, and claims of fraud, including consumer or business fraud, as well as numerous other types of business disputes.

      Areas Of Practice

  • Contract Disputes & Claims

  • Shareholder/Partner Issues

  • Real Estate & Zoning Litigation


  • Construction Litigation

  • Lemon Law & Dealer Claims


  • Consumer Fraud

  • Employment Law

  • Trademark Litigation

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