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Sekas Law Group, LLC | COVID-19 Update

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Firm News |

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are taking a moment to pause and wish everyone the very best during these difficult times. We would like to assure everyone that we have undertaken proper protocol at our offices in order to continue to provide the level of service our clients are accustomed to, recognizing the Governors respective orders in NJ & NY, (as well as Federal Courts governed by Federal Law), requiring mandatory closure of our professional offices under Emergency Decrees issued his past weekend. To continue to operate at an optimal level, we have taken the following steps to protect our staff and also our clients. However, we URGE EVERYONE TO FOLLOW THE CDC PROTOCOL:

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1. Closure of office: Currently, our physical offices are closed and the attorneys will be working at home full time. Our staff have been placed on modified duties from home. We will continue to work on your files, providing emergent services, transaction services by email, e-fax and thru express mail. We will do our best to address our client’s needs, in this changing world and will respond to changing laws and regulations, with safety for all, as our paramount concern. We are monitoring these laws daily and can provide legal advice and counseling to your business needs and concerns.

While we are avoiding personal contact for all of our staff, client’s, and the public’s safety per recommended guidelines, we are still conducting client meetings by telephone, video conference calls with other attorneys.

The Courts can be contacted by email, express mail, and telefax and continue to have daily messaging on E-Courts and electronically. We will be able to continue provide services remotely, as we will have full access to our digital systems and files.

2. Contact information:
Nicholas G. Sekas – 201-218-5298[email protected]
Scott Krumolz – 732-322-8077[email protected]

Angela Tsocanos – [email protected] (real estate)
Chrissie Stamos – [email protected] (bookkeeping & finance)
Jake Biller – jbi[email protected] (IT and emergency access).

3. Lending or Funding: As you know I have been a Director for Mariner’s Bank for 18 years and I am very familiar with the bank lending and regulatory process. We are in the process of reviewing the emergency SBA loan system, which is currently being setup and is not available online at this time. We continue to monitor the details of the banking system and Federal and State relief programs and when the systems or grants are available, we will notify you and assist you in applying for these loans or relief programs.  Please contact us to discuss and consult on these important issues and programs.

4. Reducing, Worry & Stress: We know that this is a stressful time, we would like to share the following passage regarding “Conquering Fear and Worries”,  from a famous writer and motivational speaker Mr. Anthony Norvell, whose book “Million Dollar Secret” was a best seller and continues to sell millions of copies.

We want to remind you that we will make every attempt to assist you and your families during these difficult times and thank you for your patience, in advance. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above or just to discuss your case. We know the Country and its citizens will get through this Pandemic and come out stronger than before.  “This too shall pass”.

God bless to all, your families and love ones!

Nicholas G. Sekas, Esq., Managing Partner
For more information and continued updates please visit our website at, www.sekaslaw.com