Municipal & Criminal

Criminal and Traffic/DWI Offenses & Municipal and Regulatory Violations

The municipal court defense attorneys at the Sekas Law Group, LLC, have years of experience and the knowledge necessary to protect your rights. Any allegation that you may have committed a criminal or traffic offense is a serious allegation that you need to address immediately.

Our New Jersey municipal courts defense team routinely appears in municipal courts across New Jersey, and most often in the courts of New Jersey. In addition, we appear in criminal defense proceedings in New York.

Our municipal court lawyers handle most misdemeanor offenses and similar matters, such as:

  • Drunk driving (DUI)
  • Traffic tickets
  • Zoning and building code violations
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Simple Assault/Battery
  • Petty Disorderly conduct

The team at Sekas Law Group is experienced and capable of properly defending municipal ordinance and other zoning and building code violations. In conjunction with the Sekas Law Group’s real estate lawyers, the Sekas Law Group will defend any zoning or building code violations and ensure that your property has the proper zoning variances so that such violations do not re-occur. We also have a network of capable criminal defense attorneys that handle complex criminal matters in New Jersey and New York, and are available for consultation.

No matter what charge you are facing, our attorneys will work closely with you to make sure you achieve the best possible outcome.

State ABC, DEP, and other State Regulatory violations

Nicholas G. Sekas has represented participants in the restaurant, hospitality, and real estate industry for decades. In such time, he has handled administrative violations issued by the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control or New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and other state administrative agencies. These agencies have the power to stop a business in its tracks and any violation should taken seriously and given immediate attention. The Sekas Law Group can help a business or individual navigate the administrative violation process and ensure that there is a minimum of disruption to your business.

White collar criminal defense

Businesses and individuals face increasingly aggressive government enforcement. Matters formerly handled through civil or regulatory processes now result in criminal investigations. Even the threat of being charged with committing a crime can permanently damage the reputation of a corporation or business professional. The attorneys at the Sekas Law Group have successfully navigated the defense of serious criminal matters for individuals and businesses in both New Jersey and New York. We evaluate the facts of each case in detail and create defenses for individuals accused of federal and state white collar crimes. We also achieved many civil victories involving fraud and other business torts.

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